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“Getting On,” A Poignant HBO Comedy about Aging & Death?

Friends, HBO has a new show, called “Getting On” about the women who care for elder women in a facility. It is a comedic drama. Has anyone seen it? Is it laughs at the expense of elders? I tried to upload the home page to see a preview and it crashed my computer, so I don’t have a review.

However, after hearing the Fresh Air interview with the creators, I now know that it is based on their experiences advocating for their mothers as they aged in institutions. And the ways in which they talked about the beauty of time spent caring for them moved me, as well as their attempts to honor the work that care workers do. And I like Molly Shannon, who is in the show. So there it is.

If you’ve seen it, I’d love to see your review!


Betty White: 90, Proud, and Pranking

Just when we think she fits the “adorable grandmother figure” stereotype, Betty White socks it to us, as she should. In her non-threatening way, she’s leading a movement to confront ageism in society, and we’ll be all the better for it.

Did you see Betty White’s birthday extravaganza on NBC last night? What a scene! What pomp! What a lifetime Betty has had!  And such an impact. I came away feeling like she has mentored all of Hollywood! Despite the roast-like moments, the affair was sugary sweet, a fitting appreciation for Betty.

However, if you kept the TV on, the contrast between Betty’s birthday and Betty’s new show was fascinating.“Betty White’s Off Their Rockers” is a show about a gang of 7 senior citizens who play pranks on young people.

I like to call it “Punk’d! By Nonagenarians.”

There they are, playing up and bashing stereotypes of the elderly, to hilarious effect. And why not? They are the fastest-growing age group in our society. They are surprisingly healthy and strong, full of wisdom, and up until now, made to be mostly invisible – by Hollywood and society at large. (They are 70% women, although this is not evident in the show.) And let’s face it: they are the true survivors of this reality show we call life. So, why not put them in charge?  They are the best news of 2012 so far. And we really need to shift our thinking about “the elderly” and how aging is changing. So…

Betty: you go (Golden) girl!

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