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Aging + Design: The Inclusive Design Challenge

Here are two fun examples of how my book, Aging our Way, has been used this year, involving questions of aging, space, and design:


Students enrolled in the Design School at Syracuse University were faced with a challenge: How do we design for an aging population?

They heard from interdisciplinary scholars on aging. They read Aging Our Way. And then they went to the local assisted living center and met with elders…

Check out the Inclusive Design Challenge here.

Thanks to Syracuse University for this wonderful opportunity to think through space, place, and elders as designers.The students were great; I found that so many were inspired by their relationships with grandparents.


Local public television series Agewise continues this conversation about aging and the importance of place. The latest episode highlights our favorite 97-year-old Dane, Glenn, in his home and with his Tuesday morning breakfast club.

Check out the latest episode, “How to Age in Place.” Glenn and I are featured 21 minutes in.

Thanks to Albany Guardian Society for inviting us to be part of this great series!







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