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Aging America: An Ideal Scenario?

demographicsAnti-ageism activist, Ashton Applewhite, writing for The Society Pages, has figured out what an Aging Baby Boomer generation truly means for America. Perhaps it is not doomsday. Perhaps it is closer to an ideal scenario.

Applewhite declares:
The Census Report includes an oft-cited statistic: “An unprecedented shift will occur between 2015 and 2020, when the percentage of people aged 65 and over in the global population will surpass the percentage of the very young (aged 0-4) for the first time.” This means that by 2020 there’ll be one older adult for every child—far better for children’s welfare than the inverse, as well as for the women who once had to produce enough of them to survive famines, wars, and epidemics.

Could a 1:1 dependency ratio mean age equity across the board? No more obsessive focus on youth, youthfulness, youth generations? More funding for preschool programs? More intergenerational schools, parks, programs, and friendships? And wonderful, long-lasting grandparent/grandchild relationships into the future, as Ariel wrote about last week?

One can only hope.


Yo, Is This Ageist?

Everyone is talking about Clint Eastwood‘s performance at the RNC last week. The most common thing I hear is, “That was really crazy stuff he said up there, but he IS 82.”

There are all sorts of assumptions about senility in this chatter. I’m bothered by this. So I consult my new favorite blog: Yo, Is this Ageist? authored by the awesome Ashton Applewhite.

I guess Paula Span of the NYTimes did the same thing. She writes about Ashton’s response in her latest blog post, “On Ageism and ‘Eastwooding.'”

if you missed it, here’s Applewhite’s response:

“My take is that Clint’s primary crime was being lazy and not being prepared — you need your talking points in order,” said the expert. “Not his finest hour, for sure.”

“But to attack him as senile was ageist. I don’t think people would have leveled charges of dottiness at someone 20 years younger.”

My response:

Yo, ageism is alive and well. Check it.

And Eastwood – maybe spontaneity isn’t your strongest suit.

Peace out.

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