The Art of Aging – Israeli Children’s Museum Exhibit

The Israeli Children’s Museum has an exhibition on aging called Dialogue with Time.

How smart is that? And one of the goals is to facilitate intergenerational dialogue. As a student of mine shared, “I particularly liked that in establishing the museum they created jobs that could only be held by elders (70+) as guides and experts.”

Why not counter age-based stereotypes from day one, and honor how one will age and grow and change with time…

Watch the testimonials here.

Perhaps a Children’s Museum in the US would be willing to take this traveling exhibit on as well?

Here’s the info from the website:

Dialogue with Time – an exhibition about the art of aging

Dialogue with Time is an interactive exhibition, the first of its kind in the world that deals with aging from an original perspective.

Dialogue with Time is a groundbreaking exhibition that allows its visitors a glimpse into the world of the elderly. Through experiential play, using latest technology, a creative intergenerational dialogue is produced dispelling stereotypes and clichés of old age.

The guides of this exhibition are aged 70 and above. They are the mediators and experts in all facets of aging and act as role models.

1 Response to “The Art of Aging – Israeli Children’s Museum Exhibit”

  1. 1 Geri LeVine Loe June 25, 2013 at 1:25 am

    What a wonderful idea for an exhibition. The U.S. desperately needs to teach our children that aging is not shameful or embarrassing , but a natural and inevitable process that should be accepted and respected. Indeed, people in many developed countries today are so hung-up on looking and acting youthful as a badge of honor that people don’t know how to deal with the aged when they meet them, let alone how to accept it as it is happening to them. Consequently, the idea of introducing this process to children is brilliant! Israeli Children’s Museum, I salute you!

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