Amazing Elders

ImageDear readers,

My deepest apologies for the three-month hiatus. In this second year since AOW was published, I have been speaking with fantastic groups of students and elders (including design students at SU), teaching Sociology of the Life Course, and training to be a hospice volunteer. These experiences have me thinking quite a lot about living, and living well.  A recent highlight was meeting the Colgate class of 1943, all of whom are male nonagenarians (because Colgate was an all-male school at that time). The pic is Noel Rubinton, Class of 1943 President, and myself. This spunky group of six elders (all of whom traveled to Hamilton, NY for reunion weekend) reminded me how full and rich a life can be in one’s nineties. A recent story about a Martha’s Vineyard elder who makes her voice heard, reminded me of the members of this group, who can teach us how to be socially engaged in various ways. I continue to be inspired by these lives.

This blog will live on as a site in which to post updates on my own thinking about healthy aging, inspirational elders, and death and dying. I have also invited a few of my students to tell their stories, including one who has completed a semester doing hospice work in Kenya, and another currently training to be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). I look forward to featuring their stories here! Finally, I have been working on a new blog on feminist parenting, which will launch sometime this summer. Exciting prospects. Thanks all for your ongoing support!


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