Outsourcing Grandma

Adopt-a-Grandparent is a popular extracurricular option on our national college campuses, especially as students increasingly attend college far from family. But I hadn’t heard of Rent-a-Grandma until today. According to the Christian Science Monitor, Rent-A-Grandma (out of Los Angeles) is opening franchises across the country. The outfit places women 50+ where they are needed for elder care, child care, house care, pet care and beyond. “Women 50+ don’t text or tweet while they’re watching your kids,” according to Rent-A-Grandma’s founder, while adding that their experience makes these women good at what they do. Maybe Grandma is getting a better rap these days. She’s trustworthy and experienced, when it comes to caring for others. And I bet they are more tech-saavy than we make them out to be.

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