Neighbors Who Care

The Caregiver Next Door, a piece in the New Old Age Blog (New York Times) by Paula Span, talks glowingly of a woman who is a one-woman senior service agency. She offers food, transport, and support to elders in one community of elders. I was happy to see this piece, as “new old age” isn’t just about diet and exercise and brain teasers.

In my mind, social support is the answer to any problems we have in the 21st century. Reaching out to others makes a huge difference in all of our lives.

I know a woman who is an elder advocate in our community. She hosts town hall meetings and awards ceremonies honoring exemplary elders.

As for me, I’m part of a neighborhood that has decided to build community around our beloved nonagenarian neighbors. We do monthly potlucks, we deliver food, we celebrate birthdays. We operate like a social family. (All of us have family members scattered far and wide.)  When you know your neighbors and take turns caring for each other, now that’s living.

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